Barky Butt About Us

Barky Butt Co. is about finding the best products for our beloved dogs.  We've always kept an eye out for how to make their lives better and how to make it easier to care for them.  Over the years, we've done product research and testing with as much love and inspiration as is humanly possible.  We hope you find the same benefits that we have in the products we have found for you. 

Our company name, Barky Butt, comes from a nickname of our dog, Fiona.  Fun story: we were walking with our dogs one day and a lady rode by on her bicycle and yelled out "Aww! Barky Butt!" as she passed by. The nickname stuck and that's where the idea began!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!  As a thank you we'd like to offer you a 10% discount code to use at checkout today.  Use discount code:  FIONA

- the Barky Butt fam